The Chord and Scale Finder

​​As of this writing on 12/4/21 the Chord and Scale Finder has made its way onto all the major platforms and has a modest but growing user base. There are free and paid versions in the Apple, Google and Samsung stores and paid versions in the Microsoft store and the Amazon store. We have already incorporated suggestions from our users for new features such as the ability to tweak tunings in real time, display modes, superimpose pentatonic and “Blues” scales onto major and minor scales and display diminished chords, augmented chords and shell voicings. Along with continuing to improve the product we plan to work on international versions of the app later this year. The next steps are to standardize the marketing materials across the various platforms and hopefully come up with some instructional videos that incorporate some of the Dictionary Items and snapshots. We try to keep the free and paid versions in sync but as ~95% of users opt for the free version there is sometimes a lag of a few weeks before new features show up in the paid versions.

Chord and Scale Finder User Guide

Google Play free version:

Google Play paid version:

Apple Store free Version:

Apple Store paid version:

Paid version for Microsoft

Paid (ad free) version on Amazon

There are also free and paid versions of the app on the Galaxy Store where they are referred to as “The New Chord and Scale Finder”

The App Icon for Google, Microsoft and the Apple paid version

The App Icon for the free Apple Version (Chord and Scale Finder II)

The links below will lead you to nine brief videos of approximately two minutes each and a one nine minute video explaining how the Chord and Scale Finder came into being. After watching them you should be able to comfortably navigate through and use the app. We plan on updating and standardizing the videos soon but they still serve as an introduction to the app’s features. Anyone interested in further explanations can send an inquiry to

A brief introduction to the Chord and Scale Finder

Working with Tunings

Working with Scales

Working with Dictionary Items

An introduction to the Fretboard

How to use Chord Extensions

How to use Song Snapshots

Student Snapshots for music instructors