The Chord and Scale Finder

The Chord and Scale Finder is a uniquely powerful tool for people interested in mastering the fretboard of any stringed instrument.  It entered the marketplace in early 2021 and has been evolving ever since.  Originally developed as a means to transfer guitar knowledge to a lap steel in C6th tuning it now covers a large and expanding universe of stringed instruments with more being added regularly.  The app is available in free and paid Android, iOS and Microsoft versions.  Below you will find links to the app on various platforms followed by a link to the user guide and then promotional and instructional videos. The App is also available in the Galaxy Store where it is referred to as “The New Chord and Scale Finder”.  Inquiries can be sent to

Free and Paid versions in the Google Play Store

Free and Paid versions in the Apple Store

Free and Paid versions on Amazon

Paid version in Microsoft Store 

User Guide

English Promo Video

Spanish Promo Video

Lesson 1; Tunings

Lesson 2; Scales

Lesson 3; Dictionary Items

Lesson 4; Fretboard 1

Lesson 5; Fretboard 2

Lesson 6; Fretboard 3

Lesson 7: Fretboard 4

Lesson 8: Fretboard 5