The 69th Street Band played its last pre-Covid gig at The Brooklyn Jazz and Sports Club on Monday, March 16, 2020 and what a spooky, weird gig it was.  The music was happening and should probably have been recorded for posterity as we all sensed that the old world was giving way and no one knew quite what to expect next.  The bar was empty and there was a foreboding in the air that worked its way into the music.  Over the following summer Tom could occasionally be seen with a portable PA playing on the Coney Island/Brighton Beach boardwalk and found that it could be a nice way to while away an afternoon.  He also started playing outdoor happy hours on Friday at The Brooklyn Jazz and Sports Club off and on until June of 2021 with the inestimable Clovis frequently helping out on chromatic harmonica.  Tom also found himself playing in bars and restaurants in Livorno, Venice and Florence in October of 2020 and now hopes to make solo performance part of his musical future.  In fact, these solo outings were part of the impetus for the “After the Virus” release.  Strong friendships were formed between the 69th Street Band and the staff of many of the venues we played at over the years and both Paris Blues and The Brooklyn Jazz and Sports Club have every intention of continuing as live music clubs but nobody is quite sure how this will play out.  In August 2121 some gigs for the core trio trickled back in but as of September 2021 the venues we worked with have decided to hold off and see how things eventually play out.  Strange times indeed. If you are interested in reaching out send an email to