Lost in the music on a Saturday night in Harlem

Tom Paronis, Abou Diarrassouba and Chulo Gatewood at Margarita Island in Coney Island

Tom and band buddy handsome young Sam Gresham

Sam Hargress Jr., owner of Paris Blues and our dear friend.  RIP!

The “Mayor of Harlem” on a hot summer night.  They don’t make ’em like that anymore! 






The one and only Paris Blues, center of the Harlem musical universe for a few years

Sam and Maria Garcia, AKA the Merry Widow

Abou Diarrassouba and Lenny Nelson at a restaurant gig in Manhattan

Jojo Kuo and band chum Donnie Sari chilling in Brooklyn

Promo shot for a solo acoustic gig at Frankie Pub in Livorno Italy

The band’s longtime promo shot taken at Sasa’s Lounge on the Upper West Side

Nighthawks at the diner Coney Island style…

Tom and Jojo at ultra-hip Brooklyn venue Art Cafe in Prospect Heights

The band is joined by our friend Marina Makarova at Place To Beach in Coney Island for a Fourth of July gig

At The Iridium with the great Tony Cedras on accordian…..those were they days…RIP Tony!